At Gourmet Montreal, we give much value in providing exemplary service for all events, including corporate events. That is why we prioritize giving good value because money and time should not be wasted.

We are the right partner whether you need help organizing holiday parties, work breakfasts, lunch meetings, product launch events, team building events, gala dinners, or charity events.

You can depend on our customized services and professional team to ensure that everything will go smoothly at your event. If you want a personal touch, that is okay, too. We can deliver your preferred dishes and let you work on the other things.

We will try as much as possible to work on your budget to create the event or celebration that you envision. What’s more, we provide a full bar and drink service to match any menu. Our experienced team can make sure that everything will go as planned so that you can work on other things.

Catered and Executive Dinners

Want to seal a deal or create a good partner relationship? Here at Gourmet Montreal, we believe that personal touch and a relaxing atmosphere can sometimes be enough to seal the deal. Gourmet Montreal can assist you in making relationships that will last for a long time with our executive dinners.

You can choose our entire menu or pick individual dishes that will complement the menu that you will prepare. If you wish to have a chef on-site, worry not. We will arrange to ensure that all your needs are met.

Please call us to know more about our corporate entertainment services. You can check out our menus to get a better idea of what you want for your next event.